rafał kalus

workshop nr 1:

"Wall of Steel" - how to effectively defend with parries and win

Let me invite you to my workshop during which we will take a closer look at one of the most epic elements of fencing: the parries.

We will discuss them in both historical and sports context. During the drills, with weapons in hand, we will learn the tactical division of parries and the golden rules that make a parry effective. We will learn in what situations to parry, how to choose the right parry for the right opponent type, and how to successfully "egress" out of prolonged exchanges of parries and ripostes. Finally, we will delve into the technical nuances of making a parry – riposte with different weapons.

The workshop is dedicated to intermediate and advanced fencers, regardless of what weapon they specialize in. Exercises at the workshop can be performed with any weapon as long as it is compatible with your partner's weapon.

friday 7.06, 15.00 - 17.00 hrs

max number of participants: 30

equipment requirements: full sparring gear. any cutting weapon, must be compatible with drill partner's weapon


Trainer and President of the renowned Akademia Szermierzy. A graduate of Historical Institute of University of Warsaw, and a certified sport fencing coach. Rafał completed his coaching studies at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice under the supervision of Dr Michał Morys.

Multiple medalist of longsword, rapier and sabre competitions in Historical European Martial Arts, historical fencing, and sport fencing. Captain of the Polish National Team in Historical European Martial Arts on behalf of the FEDER organisation. Trainer of 3 generations of fencers at Akademia Szermierzy, many of whom you can see regularly reaching for the highest trophies in HEMA competitions worldwide.

Privately, an amateur movie director, an enthusiast of medieval history, cold steel, film, fantasy, volleyball, ethnic music and dance. A happy husband and father of two daughters.