Workshop nr 2 (longsword)


friday june 7th,17.00 - 19.00 hrs.

equipment requirements: a mask, throat guard, longsword gloves and a longsword. Full gear is recommended.

workshop in english / warsztaty w języku angielskim

max number of participants: 50

Derived from Liechtenauer, Vor is typically interpreted as striking first. This workshop introduces you to the essentials of Vor, offering various strategies centered on this theme. We'll explore how Vor connects with modern concepts of taking initiative, including practical ways to prepare for the first strike.

The workshop will be divided into two 1 hour sections led by different instructors.

Miro Lahtela

is a Longsword and Ringen instructor of the Nordic HEMA powerhouse known as EHMS. He specialises in teaching the technical aspects of the earlier Lichtenauer sources. Constantly testing his interpretations in high level competitions has yielded good results, both in technical learning and victories over difficult opponents.

Ville Välimäki

has done HEMA since 2019, starting with longsword and gradually including other disciplines. In addition to training the longsword, he’s now teaching the saber and messer, and occasionally dabbles in rapier and ringen. He specialises in testing the durability of swords.

Minna Vasarainen

started HEMA in 2017 at EHMS, Finland. She has a keen interest in analyzing how different martial art settings influence fighters' behavior and the outcome of the fight.

Without losing a single fight in the multiple women's/wurg longsword competitions, she has actively started challenging herself in Open Longsword tournaments and muay thai fights.

Mikko Lehto

has started doing HEMA in 2016 at EHMS, Finland. The longsword is his main weapon but he also trains saber, sidesword and other weapons. Before starting HEMA he had gathered a decade's worth of experience which has left a distinct mark on his fencing style and philosophy focusing on speed, distance and timing. Mikko has actively competed internationally achieving multiple medals in longsword, saber, messer, sidesword and sword and buckler.